DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Following an upbringing of hardship and self-discovery, Jewels is excited to announce the publication of her inspiring biography, The Making of a Woman: From the Inside Out and the launch of her new website, TheMakingofaWoman.com. The official book launch date is set for October 5, 2021, with pre-order sales available now on Amazon.

Recounted by Marlayna Glynn with an unflinchingly honest voice as real as the flawed people that populated Jewels’ world, The Making of a Woman is an unexpected memoir exploring the path less traveled. Childhood abuse and trauma powered an alcoholism that would nearly defeat Jewels. Yet Jewels’ assures us that even when we lose those things that give shape to our soul-belonging, the need for touch and safety in our own home-we can go on to devise a new way of being that surpasses our childhood haunts.

“I feel blessed and excited to share my experiences as a woman with anyone that feels rejected by the norms and pressures of society,” says Jewels. “I pray that my story helps to illuminate the darkness and bring hope to those who need it.”

In addition to the publication of her book, Jewels also launched her new website and social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and will be sharing exclusive stories and articles via her blog with the hopes of inspiring others who have experienced similar traumas in their lives. Jewels is also an avid figure competitor and is currently training for the upcoming 2021 NPC (National Physique Committee) competition.

“Just as I will forever bear her fingerprints upon my heart, I know she will similarly touch the readers who must know her story,” says Marlayna Glynn. “Because Jewels won against every circumstance that threatened to bring her down, she will inspire anyone who similarly dares to stand up too.”

The Making of a Woman is available for preorder on Amazon via Kindle and other formats in paperback and hardcover. Those interested in previewing the book can visit the new website to review selected chapters of the book.

Jewels’ marketing team, Media Stream in Irvine, CA manages Jewels’ extensive calendar of bookings. In the coming months, Charn Pennewaert who heads the team at MediaStreamMarketing.com will be activating powerful social media campaigns and connecting with social media influencers to raise awareness for the book and mental health wellness. The official The Making of a Woman book trailer has already received positive reviews and is generating quite a buzz in the book publishing industry.

About Jewels
Jewels is an author, speaker, and professional bodybuilder. After enduring an abusive childhood, Jewels decided to use her earlier trauma to enter recovery, sexually liberate herself, and enter the competitive world of professional bodybuilding. Jewels hopes to inspire others to push forward no matter the challenges and will even compete in nationals this year in the NPC figure division at age 49.

Jewels has had the honor of being a guest speaker on Keys and Anklets, a podcast focused on separating facts from fiction within often widely misunderstood lifestyles, Venus’s Pillow Talk crowd cast, another podcast that focuses on female-led relationships, and a documentary of alternate lifestyles broadcasted in the UK.

About Marlayna
Marlayna Glynn is an award-winning storyteller on-page, film, and photography and has won multiple awards in various disciplines. Her published journey includes writing and editing 60+ books that span the genres of memoir, biography, thriller, and business education. In 2017, Marlayna created Birthright Books, LLC, a writing and publishing house dedicated to the art of creating wisdom, legacy, and heirloom memoirs.

For more information on book signings and speaking engagements, please connect with Jewels via her media team. Follow Jewels on social media: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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