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Welcome to episode 79!

Our guest on this episode, Jewels, has a powerful and compelling story that pulled us in and makes us want more!  Yes, we definitely want Jewels back for another interview as we feel we only touched the surface of what she has to share.  She is the author of a book – The Making of a Woman.  In the book she shares her story of childhood abuse and trauma as well adult alcoholism and her fight to overcome her past.  Not only overcome, but she built on those trials to create a rewarding and positive life.  

Jewels is also an award winning bodybuilder and much more. Please join us as we chat with this amazing person!  

–> Special Note: Our interview was cut short due to technical issues. 


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Welcome to Speak Seductively.

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Other guests have included adults into varying relationships from polyamory to swinging and more. Kyle and Lilly take a #sex-positive approach to their interviews. No judgements here.
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