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Thank you to everyone who joined us for Jewels’ Book Launch Party.

We are excited to share the event highlights in this video (recorded live).  Hosted by Charn Pennewaert from Media Stream, Jewels celebrates her memoir with a fun kickoff and shares the premiere of her exclusive interview.

Congratulations to all the winners of the Giveaway.

Also, a special thanks to our sponsors – ElegantUp and Birthright Books for their generous donation and support. Please continue to support Jewels in her endeavor to reach out and help those through their challenging life journey. We will be having a second round of giveaways starting on Oct 5th when the book officially releases. Watch out for more exciting giveaway offers.

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The Making
of a Woman

THE MAKING OF A WOMAN is the compelling autobiography of a dynamic female who refused to bow down to the circumstances of her birth. With a prevailing sense of self and survival, Jewels fought a hardscrabble war against the forces and people that populated her life in a way that often crushes others.


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