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At Birthright Books, we are passionate about the art of personal storytelling. The primary benefit of working with us is that we provide a greater level of expertise to meet our niche market share. That’s why when choosing a writer for your legacy, you make the right choice by hiring a Birthright Books specialist.

We specialize in memoir, biography, legacy, and heirloom—we write nothing else. We offer a complete suite of services to bring your story forth, including ghostwriting, editing, cover design, and publishing. We provide a tailored, seamless experience for you while offering the best in talent, expertise, and professionalism. Reach out today to learn how we can turn your wisdom into your legacy and heirloom for your friends, family, business colleagues, and the reading public.

marlayna glynn

Best-Selling Publisher

Meet Marlayna Glynn

“Whether you are publishing privately for your family and heirs or using your book as a marketing lead generator for speaking gigs, attracting clients, or creating influence, we make sure that you will be proud to distribute your heirloom to the hands of others.”

As a tribute to the release of The Making of a Woman, we are proud to offer 10% off the writing of your memoir throughout the month of October!

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