an interview with JEWELS

How My Parents Raised Me

Jewels remembers the good times. As an only child living with her mom and a dad she adored, she remembers early childhood as a fun and happy time. But when Jewels was just 7 years of age the events of one night changed everything and her life was never the same again. What happens to a little girl when nobody is paying attention, nobody is loving her, nobody is listening to her, is frightening. And the journey she has been on was a fight for survival that would have crushed others. Jewels is the author of an award winning memoir called The Making Of A Woman from the inside out, a deeply honest account of a life lived reaching for the light despite the darkness.

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How my parents raised

What was childhood like for you? Were you allowed to be you? Authentically you? Were you shown love, kindness & care? Or did you feel worthless, abandoned, unsafe or worse? Our childhood experiences can set us on a path to a beautiful life or they can lead us on a lifelong journey to find the broken pieces & put ourselves back together. In these open & honest conversations I chat with everyday humans about the profound impact their parents had on their lives. To reduce generational trauma we must speak & share truth. If you love to connect with real & raw stories there is so much wisdom here.

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