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Jewels talks about being a FemDom which is something she does outside her marriage. She and her husband are in an “open-minded” marriage where this strong, confident woman found herself feeling insecure and dealing with jealousy at times. She learned how to cope with those feelings, and talks about dominating men–why some strong men are turned on by being dominated even if it’s as simple as being directed to wear panties. She also discusses financial domination, or findom.

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Life STARTS at 40, and is fabulous well into your 50’s and beyond, despite what society says about being “over the hill.” The 40+ adult is more open, experiments more, and has finally embraced the living part of life. Consenting Adults explores this new frontier. From open marriages to swinging, ethical non-monogamy, sex workers, and chasing that libido, every- day people reveal what really goes on behind closed doors and how they’re enjoying sex and life more than ever. When it’s a normal way of living for many, is it still “freaky?” Frank, funny, thought-provoking conversations with Emmy Award-winning journalist and host of Consenting Adults, Leyna Nguyen.

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