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THE MAKING OF A WOMAN is the compelling autobiography of a dynamic female who refused to bow down to the circumstances of her birth. With a prevailing sense of self and survival, Jewels fought a hardscrabble war against the forces and people that populated her life in a way that often crushes others. More information can be found at

About The Chuck Crumpton Show Podcast

The Chuck Crumpton Show

Chuck Crumpton is the Founder of Medpoint, LLC, a global consulting firm specializing in all areas of quality assurance, regulatory and clinical affairs. He is an author and featured keynote and session speaker in small and large multi-industry events in the US, Europe, and Asia for organizations.

Medpoint, LLC, with over 185 employees/consultants, serves small, medium, and large medical device and pharmaceutical companies in the US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Regarded as subject matter experts, the company offers compliance, pre and post-market solutions in all areas pertaining to FDA and ISO quality/regulatory related matters.

In his role with the Crumpton Group, Chuck has a passion to help companies and executives realize their full potential. He collaborates and strategizes with each client to assist them in reaching their most challenging goals in business and career.

Cultural Change within an organization

  • How to build strong teams across sectors in an organization
  • The importance of creating mini-CEO’s in an organization
  • How to think like an entrepreneur
  • How to build a dynamic business development program
  • The importance of employees over customers
  • Building a company history and legacy
  • Resolving workplace conflict

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