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Bounce Back and Thrive

Bounce Back and Thrive with Jewels
How often do you dare to be vulnerable and uncomfortable?

In this week’s podcast interview, experience a heart-wrenching and powerful story of how an innocent little girl is forced to spend most of her childhood and teenage years defending and protecting herself. She consciously adopts ‘adult’ like behaviours to survive, but regrettably resorts to alcohol as a tool to numb the pain and suppress emotions. Discover how she graciously utilises her ego, backed by anger as the ‘superpower’ to keep her safe and propel her through life.

About the Bounce Back and Thrive Podcast

Bounce Back and Thrive
A podcast where professionals across the globe candidly share some of their own personal, poignant, and powerful stories about challenges they have faced and confidently overcome – giving you some simple, valuable, powerful, and practical steps that you can apply to your situation.

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