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The Conversation Ex Nihilo Podcast

Jewels is an author, speaker and bodybuilder. Her newest book The Making of a Woman: From the Inside Out chronicles her journey of abuse as an adolescent to her jobs in healthcare and as a touring stripper while continuously spinning out of control. Jewels got sober at 35 and began a career as a professional femdom, from there her story captures the ascent of her spirit as she gets married and becomes a competitive bodybuilder.

Jewels joins Billy via Zoom to talk about her life and her book. They also find time to discuss the BDSM culture, recognizing signs of abuse, the power of asking “are you alright” and many other things pertaining to the subject of trauma meeting contemporary culture.

About the Conversation Ex Nihilo Podcast

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Conversation ex Nihilo is primarily an interview podcast. It is hosted by Billy and he likes to talk to people about what they do and what influences them. If there is a theme to the podcast it is culture and the impact of nostalgia.

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