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Better to Podcast

Jewels and I talk about overcoming childhood trauma, and alcoholism to build a thriving and fulfilling life. We also discuss how some things from our childhood wouldn’t fly today.


My name is Jewels. I’m a woman who has lived two lives in one lifetime. The first part was a life of childhood abuse and trauma which grew into the full-blown disease of alcoholism. My life was out of control and I was circling the drain.

The second part is life today and how I urgently worked through my past and now have a wonderful life as a result. But my story is not your average girl gets sober story. I didn’t just get sober. I created a life of truth and authenticity. My story is about removing the expectations and the dogma of society and instead being guided by love and empathy.

Some may call my life risky, unethical, and totally against the norm. But I see it otherwise. I’m in a very loving open-minded marriage, I’m sexually liberated because of my childhood trauma, and I competed in the NPC North American Championships this year and placed third as a National Competitor.

I’ve always enjoyed the work of Gabby Bernstein, Oprah, and Wayne Dyer. I would love to see my book as supplemental reading in liberal arts classes, such as Women’s and Sexuality Studies, or Adolescent and Teen Psychology. But ultimately my target audience is the girl in the back of the room who feels she’s the only one. She’s the person I desire to reach.

About Better to Podcast

Better to Podcast
The Better To Podcast is a place where I ask a guest about a moment or event in their life. We then dissect whether it was Better To have done something or if they regret their choice. It’s a podcast where we have a genuine conversation about reflection and the life lessons we learn while going on this incredible journey of life.

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