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A Kink in the Chain Podcast with Jewels

Jewels recently appeared on my podcast and gave me the opportunity to read her book. While I’ve had a lot of authors pass through my podcast over the years, most are writing fiction of some kind. Which there is nothing wrong with. However, Jewel’s story was a very personal NON-FICTION one. It regales of how she grew up and what made her the person she is today. In some ways, it’s a lot of people’s stories. I’m in NO way saying that EVERY kinkster (or person for that matter) is damaged or has been hurt in the past, but some are. It is an inspiring story that really delves into how to build yourself back up after a catastrophic fall and become someone amazing. It was a pleasure to interview her and to have a chance to read her book beforehand which laid her life bare before us.”

Rope Squirrel, Host of the Kink in the Chain Podcast

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